Store Closing in 2017

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Ever since Amazon became the retail giant, stores have been closing left and right! There are tons of stores slated to close in 2017;

  • JCPenney – 130 to 140 stores
  • Macy’s – 68 stores
  • Sears & Kmart – 150 stores
  • The Limited – 250 stores
  • Wet Seal – 171 stores
  • American Apparel – 110 stores
  • The Children’s Place – 200 stores
  • BCBG – 120 stores
  • CVS  – 70 stores
  • Family Christian – 240 stores

What this means to you:  SALES and LIQUIDATION!  You will want to monitor the stores in your area closely. They usually don’t announce they are going out of business. You will pretty much drive by one day and BAM there is a store closing sign hanging on the outside of the building. I suggest you call your local store and ask them if they are closing (they may not know or be honest so don’t take their word as the final answer). Check up on the store weekly, see if there are any sale signs. Try and talk to a manager or friendly cashier in the store; they may let it slip that the store is closing. Even if they say the store is closing, it may not. Many times companies prepare for a closure but decide to close a different location instead.

Once you establish that your store is closing, you will want to check in daily to see what discounts they are offering. Some retailers allow coupons + discounts so you can save tons of money. Since none of these locations are going bankrupt or being sold off (they still have other retail locations) you may not see 90% liquidation because they can bring merchandise back to their warehouse. You can still expect discounts of 50% + which will save you a pretty penny.


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