How to Enter the Food Network Candy Coated Christmas Instagram Giveaway


  1. Visit the Food Network Instagram Account, accessible at page (
  2. Entrants must: (i) comment on the Prompt Post, which Sponsor posts on the Start Date of each relevant Entry Period as shown in the table below, and provide an answer to the question included in the Prompt Post; and (ii) include the hashtag #giveaway in the comment.
  3. Two entrants who comment with an answer to the question in each respective Prompt Post, along with including the required hashtag #giveaway, will be randomly picked from all comments and will be the prospective winners. Comments need not be correct answers to the questions presented in the Prompt Posts in order to be eligible to win.

Day One:

Day Two:

Day Three:

Day Four:

Day Five:

Day Six:

Day Seven:

Day Eight:

Day Nine:

Day Ten:

Day Eleven:

Day Twelve:

Day Thirteen:

Day Fourteen:

Day Fifteen:

Day Sixteen:

Day Seventeen:

Day Eighteen:

Day Nineteen:

Day Twenty:

Day Twenty-one:

Day Twenty-two:

Day Twenty-three:

Day Twenty-four:

Day Twenty-five:

Day Twenty-six:

Day Twenty-seven:

Day Twenty-eight:

Day Twenty-nine:

Day Thirty:


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