How to Enter the Reese’s Puffs Cereal KAWSPuffs Contest

 How to Enter. To enter during the Contest Period, entrants must download the KAWSPuffs app from iOS App/Google Play Store. Entrants must open the App and completely fill out the registration, including submitting their name and email address. Entrants will be sent an email confirmation that they must click “Accept” in order to be entered into the Contest.

After confirming their email address through the confirmation email, entrants can create their username upon returning to the App and begin to play KAWSPuffs. An entrant must create a unique user name in order to enter the Contest. Entrants tap RESSE’S PUFFS cereal pieces with a finger on their phone/tablet screen to score points and keep the KAWS companion from sinking into the REESE’S Peanut Butter Cup filled with milk. Once the KAWS companion completely sinks into the REESE’S Cup, the screen will display “Game Over” and one game play is complete. An entrant’s score is represented next to the REESE’S PUFFS icon in the upper right-hand portion of the App game screen throughout the Game Play. If the entrant’s score during a single Game Play is their highest during the Entry Period, that score will automatically be eligible for the Contest. An entrant can only have one Entry during an Entry Period.


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