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AUTO-VOX Leakproof Car Trash Bin

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*Do you have the puzzle like this? When you stop for gas, how many trips does it take to clean out all the food wrappers, the empty or partially full bottles of liquid – can you finish clean up before the you fill up your tank? *Forget that noise. Instead just put the litter into your LogixLux Car Litter Bag and in one swoop you can dump it out into any garbage receptacle. *It’s easy to “install” – all you do is adjust the strap around the passenger or driver side headrest. It’s compact yet holds a lot. Not only does it hold a lot, it actually KEEPS ahold of it. You can put a half empty large fountain soda in there and even if it spills – it won’t leak. *Cleaning the LogicLux Car Litter Bag is a snap – just run some water (and optionally some soap) around the inside and dump it out. *Then you can take a wash cloth and wipe it dry and it’s good as new. *Consider getting two – one for trash and one for recycling. You can hang one on the driver’s side and the other on the passenger side.

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