Avalon: Companions (Avalon Series Book 1)

Exciting Sci-fi Thriller Kindle eBook

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Ancient enemies. New friends.  A king and queen betrayed. Legends from the dawn of history invade the Earth once again. And in the midst of total war, a love so strong it changes the destiny of two worlds forever.  Plausible science fiction, fantasy, mystery and romance elements blend in this fast-paced and powerful story of enmity between two worlds. WARNING: Book has some explicit content (language, sexual situations).     Avalon: Companions is the first book in a science fiction series about the alternate world of Avalon and the “Hidden Folk.” 10,000 years ago, a mutation caused a new species of humans to arise, now called homo sapiens varians. The mutations damaged them, making them weak and more prone to sickness, but also gave them unusual abilities. The Hidden Folk almost went extinct because of the genetic damage and competition from surrounding normal human tribes, but they escaped to a sister world to Earth called Avalon by using their new abilities. There on Avalon, across a dimensional divide, they found powerful allies, healing, and also gained the full use of their powers. In the dawn of our history, some then returned to Earth as conquerors, ruling as the gods of the pantheons of old.      As time went on, undermined by the Hidden Folks’ excesses and pride, Olympus and Asgard fell. Even mighty Atlantis sank beneath the waves, never to rise again. But that did not end the enmity or the danger to Earth. We have both friends and enemies in Avalon, but the enemies have now gained the upper hand, releasing a deadly virus to exterminate all humans and conquer Earth once and for all. Join Dan Monroe and Claudia Chantal as they race against time to uncover the sinister plot in modern day Arizona and then Avalon, along the way uncovering a series of conspiracies, each more dangerous than the last, to try to find the cure. Avalon: Companions is not only a science fiction thriller, but also an engaging love story with strong and memorable male and female characters. 2nd Edition Notes: Updated cover art, new table of contents, typo corrections, and a new Afterword. 2nd Edition Update of 1/1/17: Extended the story’s ending to give more closure to Book 1. See “From the Author” for how to get a free copy of new ending if you already have an older version of the book.

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