BATH BRUSH 18" EXTRA LONG HANDLE: Exfoliating Brush, Natural Bristle Brush, Shower Brush by Rengora. Excellent for Skin Cleansing, Dry Brushing, Back Scrubbing & Gentle Exfoliating. Upscale Today!

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Are You Ready for Some Relaxation and Stress Reduction, Soothing Skin Cleansing, Gentle Exfoliating, and Invigorating Dry Brushing that Comes with a Rengöra Bath Body Brush? Upgrade your Bath Brush or Shower Brush Today!If you struggle to reach your entire back and wish that your current brush was a COUPLE INCHES LONGER and had a nice CURVED HANDLE to make things easier…then this is the BACK SCRUBBER for you!You asked, we listened…Introducing Rengöra’s new 18″ EXTRA LONG BATH BRUSH / SHOWER BRUSH, the taller cousin to our other BEST-SELLING BATH BODY BRUSH.?? Created for those who yearn for just a little LONGER REACH?? Designed to maintain its bristles with LESS SHEDDING than other NATURAL BOAR BRISTLE brushes?? Our 3/4 inch long bristles are softer and geared more for those who want a FIRM, yet GENTLER cleanse in the tub or shower ?? The brush head fits snugly and firmly onto the handle, so it won’t separate when scrubbing, but is REMOVABLE for travel or more direct hand-held dry brushing techniques?? The brush has a gentle CURVE to it so all of those hard to reach areas are much easier to get to without doing crazy contortions?? Our PREMIUM PACKAGING makes this a great GIFT!Comes with a free e-book: 5 Tips to Healthier Skin Use this brush with confidence. Get softer, smoother skin in 90 Days or your money back! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Amazon Buyers Trust Our Rengöra Bath Products to be Premium Quality We cannot promise this special pricing indefinitely, so purchase yours today and be on your way to cleaner, smoother, healthier skin!


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