Chefast Non-Stick Rolling Pin and Pastry Mat Set: Combo Kit of Large and Small Silicone Dough Rollers, Reusable Kneading Mat with Measurements, and 2 Stainless Steel Cookie Cutters for Baking

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Prepare To Bake Have you been using the same old wooden rolling pin on your countertop, thinking there’s nothing better out there? Do you wish you had a mini-rolling pin that could make preparing smaller pastries much easier? Are you tired of cleaning up the inevitable mess on your counter every time you bake? Surprise Yourself or a Loved One! Try This Non-Stick Baking Kit from Chefast and Roll Your Goodies With Ease! Kit Contents: 1 x 17-inch rolling pin with wood handles and non-stick silicone coating. 1 x 8.5-inch rolling pin with wood handles and nonstick silicone coating. 1x dishwasher-safe and heat-resistant (up to 446°F) silicone pastry mat with measurements. 2 x stainless-steel cookie cutters in star and heart shapes. Baking for All: These days, many young families miss out on this ageless activity. Now you can show them how easy, collaborative, and downright fun baking can be. Whether you’re a seasoned baker or you’re just getting your feet wet, this kit gives you the quality tools you need to succeed! 3 Reasons To Choose This Unique Combo Kit By Chefast A Rolling Pin for Any Occasion: We include one traditional and one half-sized rolling pin to give you the precision you need to create tarts, personal pies, and smaller pastries as well as the broad-rolling action that brings a pizza to life. Plus, the 8.5″ roller is perfect to get the kids involved! Quick Cookie Cutting: Whether it’s stars or hearts, you can create them in a snap with the included stainless-steel cookie cutters. It’s the fun, safe, and cool way to bake for your kids or anyone else. Minimize the Mess: With the 19.7 x 15.7-inch pastry mat complete with measurements, you don’t need to worry about preventing dough from sticking. Use this food-grade silicone mat to roll out your favorite concoctions with ease. Enjoy more time baking and less time cleaning up!


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