Dewifier – Water Softener Shower Filter for Shower Head | Handheld | Combo Showers includes the Water Test Kit to test the filtered water

The ultimate Shower Filter Softener

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Dewifier was designed using the latest and proven water filtration technologies in order to combat the effect of the many chemicals present in today’s communal water. ? Combat skin aging and damaged hair by removing chlorine Health is greatly affected by the quality of the tap water. We use KDF-55, a high-purity, granulated copper and zinc-based particles that remove over 99% of chlorine and hard water. It also rids your water of pesticides, heavy metals and other organic compounds like fungi, mold and scale. ? Pamper your whole family with this elegant shower filter. Skin rashes and other dermatological afflictions caused by herbicides, volatile organic chemicals and other noxious compounds that are present in tap water are greatly reduced. These are peculiarly dangerous to young children. The above chemicals are now trapped by the filter’s activated carbon medium. ? Restore your skin and scalp equilibrium by getting rid of hard water Besides the KDF-55 that is very effective in hot water, removing chlorine vapors that can trigger sinus problems, we also use Calcium Sulfite that further reduces chlorine so you’ll escape dry, itchy skin and acne.

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