"I’m G.O.O.D.": (Getting Over Obstacles Daily)

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In this inspirational and informational piece, the author sheds light on the pitfalls of life. The lessons provided will encourage good habits and dispose bad ones. They will also offer a systematic approach to gradually remove or smooth out the rough edges that appear to cause blockages and other distractions hindering one’s success.Part one, Trinity of Life, explains the three most influential factors shaping one’s life: faith, family, and friends. Faith, family, and friends correlate to the brain, heart, and spine. Faith is like a brain because it affects one’s thought process and decision making. Family is like a spine because it provides the backbone support one may need to fall back on. Friendship is a like a heart because it pumps blood through the many vessels in life that keep one feeling youthful, fascinating, and fabulous! Part two, Challenge of Change, gives a roadmap to success, while including the necessary changes one should make in order to build the foundation for success. Success can encompass many aspects of life, not just money. Success is simply a confirmation of order. Where there is no order, there is no success. Once one has made the appropriate adjustments to his or her attitude, career objectives, finances, acquaintances, and lifestyle; then success has been achieved. Consequently, the next time one says, “I’m good”, he or she will actually mean it.

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