LERDU Women Ombre Three quarter Tights Capri Yoga Sport Workout Leggings Pants, Blue, L/XL

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SIZE MAP FOR YOUR SELECTION Size “Small/Medium” fit : Waist 24-27inch;Hip 34.5-37.5inch; Length 25.25inch Size “Large/X-Large” fit : Waist 28-30inch;Hip 37.5-40.5inch; Length 26inch WHY BUY FROM US Superior Quality Fabric that feels good on your skin. Right amount of compression that doesn’t hurt but helps improve performance High Breathability and Moisture Wicking AbilityEasy to clean and retains its shape even after multiple washes. Seamless compression bra designed for medium to high impact activities.FOR YOUR ATTENTIONChoose the right size from our size chart.Wash the item before you wear them. Fill the sink and add a little liquid starch to the water.If you want to layer, just get off those extra Christmas pounds, this is a great set for that.


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