Microfiber Beach Towel & Oversized Blanket – Advanced Quick Dry Technology – XXL (74"x74") Super Absorbent & Antibacterial, Swimming, Travel, Sports, Camping, Yoga or Pool, Outdoor, Family Towel

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Microfiber Beach Towel. XXL. – Quick Dry Travel Towel, (Extra Large XL 74×74″.Beach Towels & Travel Towels – Palm trees towel design for: Pool, Swimming, Beach, Travel, Camping, Picnic, Backpacking, Outdoor.- Lightweight & Compact. Features: Tightly woven microfiber fabric Soft, suede-like feel “Split” microfiber technology moisture absorption, evaporation, and “wet-grip”. Fabric becomes slip-resistant when damp. Lightweight and durability. Survives countless washings. Machine wash and dry. Recyclable. QUICK DRYING MICROFIBERHigh quality 200gsm suede microfiber, a mix of 85% polyester / 15% nylon.ONE OF THE BIGGEST SIZES IN THE MARKET74x74″ make this towel the biggest family towel in the market. – 100 times finer than a human hair. Softer than silk, yet bull-dog tough breathable and at the same time provides reliable protection against wind and rain. – Microfiber clothing is not sensitive, retaining its positive qualities after washing or cleaning. – Microfibres are super-absorbent, absorbing over 7 times their weight in water. Microfiber dries in one-third of the time of ordinary fibres. EXCLUSIVE PALM TREE PATTERN DESIGN. TAKE ME ANYWHERE


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