Sit At His Feet: Choose What is Better: 46 Days With Jesus

Just In Time For The Upcoming Lenten Season!

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In early 2015, author Erin Olson felt the Spirit calling her to a closer walk with the Lord. As she wrestled with what this meant, she was led to revisit the concept of Lent. Sit at His Feet: Choose What is Better is a result of what Erin was consequently led to write. Although many churches observe Lent, some have removed this practice altogether, and people have missed out on the opportunity to experience and understand this reverent season. While it is true that followers of Jesus Christ should have a daily, personal relationship with their Savior, certain seasons should cause believers to draw even closer to Him as they prepare to celebrate Him with the world-especially with the unbelieving world. From reading these daily devotionals interlaced with Scripture and personal stories, Erin hopes the desire to sit at His feet and choose Him increases. Sit at His Feet: Choose What is Better is intended to be a timeless devotional that may be reached for every Lenten season as well as any season the reader may simply need to sit at His feet.

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