StorageWorks Polyester Storage Bin with Strong Cotton Rope Handle, Foldable Storage Basket, Deep Blue, White Dot Style, Large, 3-Pack

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Everyone needs storage- Need a lite storage solution?- Tired of looking for all your stuff everywhere?- Want to find an efficient way to organize everything?Check out these remarkable storage boxes- Open top design allows quick and easy access.- Removable cotton handles make it easy for carrying.- When it’s not in use, fold it to occupy minimum space.Create neatness, order and beauty of conciseness- Store children’s toys in the playroom.- Store books and office supplies for the white-collar.- Store electronic gadgets and accessories in the dorms.ORDER NOW and enjoy minimalist life!StorageWorks believes that good design done well can make a difference in the world.We want to design products in a way to help you declutter like a ninja and transform chaos into order.All our products have been mama tested, and gently and responsibly crafted in China.Feel free to contact us if you are happy or unhappy with our products, or just simply wanna ask questions.Please note: the accessories and props in the pictures, such as clothes stored in the boxes, are used for showing usage scenarios only and are NOT SOLD TOGETHER with our product.

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