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I was going to write some witty banter here, something to start this series off with a binary bang. Something that I might have wanted to say for the past five years since the Trinity Series started but the endless chatter and talking about oneself and one’s work is to me, is well, just plain boring and ridiculous. I will leave you with this one piece of wisdom passed down from generation to generation from the monks that have lived at the top of the highest mountain in Tibet for centuries: “For the love of all things holy, just have fun reading these novels, nothing more, nothing less. Now, go with God?” “?God, she is gonna sit this one out.” – Petra Kayden DaceThis Trinity Series Mixture compilation novel is a hard reboot of the original first three novels in the Pseudoverse. Reedited and remastered in HD, these one-of-a-kind science fiction/horror novels are sure to entertain you until the very end. Enjoy!Robotic Love, CG Blade, Storyteller

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