Undying Vengeance

Epic Vampire Tale

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It’s been said that sometimes the darkness can show you the light. But, for Armani Belvedere, this has not been the case. Tragedy struck him and his fiancee, Simone. He was put in a forced coma. When he wakes, he finds out she was murdered and he vows undying vengeance to the ones responsible for taking the only person he ever loved. The Dark Ones, a group of Vigilante Vampires approach Armani and promise to help him find the murderers. But, under one condition. Armani must die to himself, become a vampire and join The Dark Ones in their quest for justice for Simone as well as all of mankind. Filled with despair, Armani agrees to these terms, realizing too late that he may have sold his soul in the process.


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