WATERINJOY Panoramic View Swim Goggles, 100% UV Protected Anti-Fog Anti-Shatter Swimming Glasses, Siamese Ear Plugs, Rigid Plastic Frame, Soft Silicone Seal, Adj. Strap, Men/Women, Black & White

WATERINJOY panoramic swim goggle

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Does your pair of goggles come off suddenly while diving or doing turns, even if you tight it properly? Or, fed up with poorly made goggles which start leaking in several days of use, fogs up quickly and do not perform as advertised? Don’t worry! Throw away all those cheap goggle nightmares! Invest your money confidently on Amazon’s best selling WATERINJOY Swimming Goggles and enjoy a panoramic crystal clear view with maximum performance, comfort and style! Whether you’re racing for a record, swimming for better health or making memories at the swimming pool, WATERINJOY Swim Goggle is the best you can choose. Here is why? ? PERFECT FIT AND COMFORT. WATERINJOY Swim Goggles feature a rigid plastic frame, an ultra – soft silicone gasket and an adjustable silicone strap for an excellent seal even in the toughest conditions. And it fits comfortably on most face shapes with low impact on the eyes. ?ANTI-FOG AND ANTI-SHATTER LENSES WITH 100% UV PROTECTIVE COATING. Premium quality polycarbonate lenses give you 180 degrees, wide-angle, crystal clear view to enjoy your underwater ride. These high tech lenses block harmful UV rays, keep fogging to a minimum and anti-shatter technology protects themselves against sudden drops and scratches. ? KEEP YOUR EARS HEALTHY. WATERINJOY’s built-in siamese ear plugs and bonus SILICONE EAR PLUGS help to avoid the pain and discomfort of your ears while swimming. ? KEEP IT SAFE. Safely carry everything wherever you go with WATERINJOY premium hard shell case. It prevents damage from falls and scratches and fits perfectly in your pocket or backpack. What’s included in the package? – 1 x WATERINJOY Swimming Glass – 1 x Hard shell case – 2 x Silicone ear plugs So why wait? Choose us now! Your purchase is backed by 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!


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