20% off Walmart Coupon


Sign up to get a 20% off Walmart Coupon from Google Express. You can save 20% off your order of $30 or more when using Google Express.

Credits can’t be used for:

  1. Shipping and service fees
  2. Google Chromecast
  3. Google Chromecast Audio
  4. Google Chromecast Ultra
  5. Google Home
  6. Gift cards*
  7. Multiple orders
  8. Orders placed with a prepaid or virtual card, if the card issuer won’t authorize the hold

*To successfully use a credit, make sure to remove any gift cards from your cart. Keep in mind, if these aren’t removed from your order, the promo or credit won’t be applied and can’t be used for future purchases.

Sales tax and promo codes:

In most states, you’ll see a tax applied to your items for their full listed price, before a promo code is applied. An exception is Texas, where a promo code also reduces the item’s taxable value: you’ll pay tax for the price of the item minus the promotional value. Keep in mind that shoppers living in the Texas delivery area receive orders from both Chicago and Texas stores, so taxes will vary accordingly.

For example, if you use a $20 promo code for a $50 item from a Texas store, you will only be taxed for the $30 you pay for. In stores in most other states you’ll pay tax for the full $50 item.

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