Fill your cup for $1.50 at 7-Eleven

Fill your cup for $1.50 at 7-Eleven –  Slurpee #BYOCupDay is here May 19 & 20 from 11am-7pm. Don’t miss out on this 2 day event!

  • Cup cannot be larger than 10″ in diameter
  • Cup must be food-safe clean
  • Cup must be watertight
  • One cup per person on #BYOCupDay

7-Eleven pioneered the convenience store concept way back in 1927 at the Southland Ice Company in Dallas, Texas. In addition to selling blocks of ice to refrigerate food, an enterprising ice dock employee began offering milk, bread and eggs on Sundays and evenings when grocery stores were closed. This new business idea produced satisfied customers and increased sales, and convenience retailing was born!

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