FREE $50 Gift Card for test driving a Hyundai


You can get a FREE $50 Gift Card for test driving a Hyundai 

On mobile:

1: type in your zip code to get your nearest dealer.

2: hit inventory.

3: a pop up ad will come up from the bottom of the screen advertising a free $50 Visa card with any test drive.

4: fill out your appropriate info.

5: go into dealer and give sales manager your printed out form with it all filled out. Don’t even bother asking for a test drive, you’re just wasting your time and theirs and they don’t mind if you just say “hey here’s my form for the promotion.”

6: once you get the email saying that it’s been turned in (the email should arrive very soon after the sales manager submits it, give him a call and ask if it’s been more than a day or two because they seem to get lost in a stack), make sure to get an ACTUAL PHYSICAL card rather than the online option; the online cards have weird issues that don’t allow you to use them for a partial purchase (for example, if you’re buying something that is $76.45, you won’t be able to use the online card), and places that can’t physically type in credit card info can’t use them either.

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