FREE Cologne and Pure Leaf Tea From Skosay

FREE Cologne and Pure Leaf Tea From Skosay – Check your account to see if you have one or both of these samples!

Skosay is headquartered in the retail epicenter of the world, Northwest Arkansas and was founded by business partners Jason Kohrig and Justin Urso.  Both Jason and Justin spent decades working in the CPG industry, and came together with a common belief in an idea of connecting what matters with who matters and making it easier than ever for consumers to engage with brands and retailers.  When Skosay launched it’s flagship digital sampling product in 2015 they started with a simple problem; focused on taking the in-store demo into the digital age and truly being able to understand whether a consumer liked or didn’t like a product.  Their understanding that consumers are spending more and more time online and less time in stores led them to launch their digital sampling platform for consumers and brands.  Through their first year they have worked with great brands such as Clif Bar and Coty Products and are excited to continue launching new innovations for their consumers and brands.

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