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FREE The Genius Dialogues Autobook– Click buy now with 1-click to receive your free book. Free for a limited time. MacArthur Genius Grant winners share their stories and ideas with Peabody award-winning host, Bob Garfield.

Episode 1: What natural ingredients are your birth control pill or your antidepressant made of? And what happens when Mother Nature can’t keep up with the demand? Enter chemist Phil Baran, the Sultan of Synthesis.Episode 2: The creator and host of Radiolab – one of the most popular and innovative shows today – thought he’d grow up to be a music composer. He utterly failed…or, at least, he thought he did.Episode 3: Luis von Ahn hates to waste time. After building ReCaptcha, which he sold to Google, he moved on to build the wildly popular language-learning app, Duolingo.Episode 4: What is the dance equivalent of poetry’s iambic pentameter? Listen to Elizabeth Streb explore the sweet science of action with her performers, who dodge steel i-beams and smash into plexiglass walls.Episode 5: She joined picket lines as a child and now writes for the New Yorker, investigating injustices you didn’t know existed. Millennial Sarah Stillman is keeping the 4th estate alive and well


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