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FREE TummyZen After Rebate –With our “Try it Free” Rebate Offer, get up to $9.99 back just by signing up and sending us a copy of your receipt and UPC proof of purchase. To sign up, just give us your contact information. We will send the rebate to the name and address you give below, and keep in touch with you with the email address you provide. You must sign up to be eligible. By signing up and providing us your contact information, you agree to be contacted by TummyZen in future communications. You may opt out at any time.

Occasional heartburn sufferers basically have two choices: Take a chewable antacid that lasts for minutes…at times requiring you to pop ???????them like candy to keep the relief going. Or go hardcore with a pill ???????alternative that eventually relieves the burn – but can take hours and hours to work. Until now.TummyZen combines the convenience of working fast (relief comes almost immediately), lasting long (hours, not minutes), while supporting your tummy lining (with help from proven ingredients like protective zinc). It’s the total package.

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