InstaGC – FREE Gift Cards, Paypal, Check or Direct Deposit (Full Page of Tips!)

Want to make money online? Sign up here for instaGC!! *BE SURE TO CONFIRM YOUR EMAIL* Read my post for more info, tips on earning and heads up on easy offers!!


There are so many ways to earn on InstaGC, some examples arePicMonkey Collage


  • You can find surveys in 3 sections – Section 1: Surveys that reset Daily at 12 Midnight EST, you can find them under the “Earn” tab, “recommended” and then click on “InstaGC” and change category to Daily. Section 2: Click “Earn” tab, “recommended” and then click on “InstaGC” and change category to Studies. Section 3: Click Earn and then Surveys in the drop down.
  • You can make Over $20 a day if you complete them all. For surveys be sure to clear your cache/cookies before starting each survey, answer honestly, and fully complete the survey reaching the “congratulations” page, not just the “thank you” page in order to receive credit. You’ll also find more surveys under Peanut Labs Wall.
  • When you’re doing offers, clear your cache/cookies alot and make fresh new emails – google, yahoo, aol, outlook, etc are all free. You will notice alot of offers are from the same advertisers. Once you sign up, they won’t keep paying you for the same email. If you notice offers aren’t crediting, that’s probably why.
  • If offers aren’t crediting for you, you also may want to try a different browser – Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc
  • Bookmark this link here It’s the direct link to InstaGC Wall Daily Surveys. It’s 2475 points = $24.75 EACH DAY
  • No their is not a mobile app, but you can log in on your mobile device and use the site. Put it in desktop view mode/full view to take advantage of the site
  • Watch video clips – for my favorite click on “Earn” “recommended” and tab “videos'” ‘hyperMX” – it resets every night at 12 midnight EST. “adbistro” and “encrave” are good too! If you click Earn and then Videos – You get watch 5 videos for 1 pt videos, but If you click “EARN, RECOMMENDED and Sort by videos – you can get different video options.
  • You can also find some quick videos, click “Earn” “Recommended” then click wall “offertoro” & “peanut labs”
  • Visit Sites – Click Earn, Recommend, sort by Clicks – Click an offer to go to a site, let the page load and then close out. I always make sure to log in and do these daily for easy points. Also resets at 12 midnight EST
  • If you’re doing offers, let the page sit for a few minutes. If you rush through it, sometimes it may not register. Make new email accounts regularly on gmail, yahoo, outlook etc and switch them when doing offers. Using a fresh email can help alot. If you’re redirected to the wrong place when doing an offer, you can report it – but it often means the cap has been reached on the offer. Offers have a limit, and often reset at 12 midnight EST, 1 AM EST or 3 AM EST so check back later.
  • Most offers will credit instantly, so it’s important to make sure you’re using fresh emails, not rushing through them. If an offer doesn’t credit, As long as you don’t press submit, you can clear your cache/cookies and try it again with a new email. If you do press submit, it goes to your pending folder. If it doesn’t credit in 4 days, it disappears from pending and will show back up under the wall and allow you to do it again.
  • You even get paid to listen to the radio, how cool is that? Every 30 minutes or so a captcha will load, enter it for your points. Make sure you don’t have an adblocker blocking it
  • Many readers rave about Crowdflower – Click Earn, Recommend – sort by task and click Crowdflower
  • Pay attention to the Ticker (located on the right hand side of the page) and you can see what’s currently crediting for other people. Just click on an offer in the ticker for a direct link, and then you can complete the offer. Most offers reset at 12 midnight EST or 3 AM EST, so those are great times to watch the ticker
  • The ticker is also great because randomly they post booster codes. They’re normally for the first 3-10 people to enter them so you need to be quick. You can claim 3 booster codes from chat in a 24 hour period. To redeem – Click “Redeem” and “Point booster codes” in the drop down
  • Bottom right of the page is a chat box. Use it to your advantage. The mods and other members are helpful. Closed mouths don’t get fed, so don’t be shy – introduce yourself, ask questions!
  • Downloading offers can be good points (it’s optional). If you are worried about adware or malware, use an app such as Sandboxie or Shadow Defender, it’s a virtual hard drive and will allow you to download the offer to their program and not your actual computer. Be sure to open and use the program a minimum of 5-15 minutes.
  • I HIGHLY recommend reading the guide on their site for more tips, it’s located on the top right hand side of the page, hit the question mark or Click here for a direct link. Also take the site tour, Click the question mark, top right of the page and it’s the drop down.

Heads up: want some EASY POINTS??

Click here for 210 points – Complete Live Sample (1) & (2) + You can repeat Daily!!

Click here for 2475 Points

If you want to get email alertsclick your name at the top of site, click account, and then click alerts which is located under your email address.

WHERE TO ENTER BOOSTER CODES? Log in, (top of the page) click Redeem and click “Point Booster Code” to enter them. Booster codes are bonus points given out randomly, I’ll post here when new codes are available. Codes are first come, first served so be quick when they’re posted.

Sign up on InstaGC, Confirm your email address and get started on earning rewards. If you prefer cash you can cash out for a check that you’ll receive within 1-2 weeks, otherwise you have hundreds of gift cards to choose from – Amazon, Diamond Candles, Walmart, Target, Applebees, American Express Prepaid Card, Netflix, Toys R Us for example. instaGC is a GREAT way to earn money from the comfort of your home. After signing up, click the confirmation that is emailed to you. It’s 100% FREE and LEGIT! Complete tasks, Watch videos, and more to earn reward points. The best thing about instaGC is you get paid INSTANTLY!! For example, cash out for 100 points =$1 Amazon Gift Card and as soon as you hit redeem, your amazon gift card loads on the screen. All you have to do is head over to Amazon, add it to your account and go shopping! They have hundreds of Gift Cards available if Amazon isn’t your cup of tea, including American Express Gift Cards and even Checks that are processed within 24 hours and mailed out from Louisville (KY) so you typically will receive it within 6-11 days. When you go to cash out for the first time, you will have to do a text or call verification code, but you won’t receive any further messages on the phone after that.

It’s open to all residents 13+ years old from the following countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom and United States


After signing up I recommend you read the “guide” located on the left hand side of the screen to learn the basics and for tips on earning rewards. Did I mention, the minimum to cash out is only a $1.00


Ready to join? Click here and let me know what you think!

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