Easiest Way to Make Extra Money in 2018

Make Extra Money


So, you want to earn extra money in 2018? I have found a couple ways to make extra money that you can do from the comfort of your own home. This is perfect for stay-at-home parents, people with disabilities or anyone that is retired. I started finding ways to make extra money so that I could pay for Christmas gifts for my kids. After awhile, I realized I could turn this into more than Christmas gifts. I earn over $5,000 a year following these simple steps:

  1. VIP Voice – I signed up for VIP Voice a few years ago. They offer a survey which pays $25 every time you complete it. I am able to complete this survey once a month which equals around $300 per year. Just make sure you confirm your email address after you sign up. 
  2. Nielsen Mobile and Computer Panel – I just signed up for this one in December 2018 and already received $22 from them. They sent me a survey along with $2 in the mail. I sent the survey back and they sent another, along with $22. I am getting ready to complete another one for $30. So my total in the first month of 2018 is already over $40! You just have to download something to your phone or computer to start.
  3. Clinical Trials – I have not personally done this but a few readers have. You can participate in Medical Clinical trials. Right now there is one for high cholesterol which pays $500!
  4. Opinion Square – Get paid for your opinion. Opinion Square if a leading online market research company. They operate an Internet research panel.OpinionSquare members can earn points redeemable for exciting prizes through the OpinionRewards program. Complete an eligible survey or other offer from OpinionSquare, to receive points. Redeem your points for valuable rewards like gift cards, electronics, and home appliances. I was able to make around $500 on this one last year.
  5. Ipsos I-Say Panel where you will earn Reward Points for taking surveys. I was able to make around $800 on this site in 2017!
  6. RewardBucks – Earn money for watching TV, Printing Coupons, Taking surveys and downloading apps. You can even refer friends and family to the site and you will earn 10% of whatever they make. It’s still a rather new site so you a good opportunity to get people to sign up under you. After you sign up, check out the survey section. I earn around $4 a day in this section and about $5 a day in the other sections which comes to around $3,000 a year on this site.

With these sites, you get what you put in. So if you want to do the minimum and make enough to buy a few Christmas gifts every day — that is fine! If you want to do a lot and make enough to pay for Christmas, Birthdays,  Vacations and Family Fun nights you can. I highly suggest signing up for these offers now so you can start building your 2018 Christmas Fund!