Free Baby Samples


Do you have a baby coming or maybe someone in your family does? We have lots of grandparents and parents requesting free baby samples every month. We spend hours searching the web for free baby stuff and we compile a list of baby freebies. Most companies give out free samples because they secretly hope to get you addicted to their brand. There are so many different diapers, formula, wipes and all other kids of baby stuff out there.

If your having your first baby or your sixth baby, it doesn’t matter, you can request these baby freebies. I have compiled a huge list below and I update it daily with any new finds I may come across. You can bookmark the page or share with a friend or family member that is expecting. Remember, it takes about 6-8 weeks for most freebies to come in the mail.

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  1. Free Box of Baby Formula + over $300 worth of baby stuff

  2. FREE Baby on Board Pin

  3. Free Baby Box from Walmart

    • This is one of my favorites! You get a box full of baby samples and it is free with free shipping!
  4. FREE Seventh Generation Baby Kit

  5. New Sample Box from Sampler

  6. FREE Baby Box loaded with $35 Worth of GOODIES!