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Are you looking for freebies on the internet?

Look no further! has a full list of freebies that you can request from the comfort of your own home. You can always feel safe because every free sample has been double checked to ensure legitimacy. If you love free samples, you will probably love Sweepstakes and Giveaways too.

Freebies and Free Stuff

Freebie Mom finds baby freebies, mommy freebies and so much more. These are not just little free samples, there are times we find items worth $100+. Big, full-size freebies! It is worth it to follow on Facebook so you know when a new free sample goes live.

Why do companies send samples? Companies send these samples to people because they want you to try their new products.

Free Samples

When you head over to our deal section and click on the full list of samples,  you will be able to see the most update free samples. There are many times free samples only last for a few minutes or hours that is because companies only have a limited stock of free samples. I highly suggest following us on Facebook so you know when the most popular free samples come out. We will send an alert on Facebook letting you know.


We also giveaway one point every time you click on our page posts. We do this because we want to reward you for using our site. You can use the points to spin our wheel of prizes and win some really cool stuff. We have given away tons of prizes since this site first started 8 years ago. We plan on giving away even more in year 2018 so join us by creating a free account right now. We will keep track of the Sweepstakes you enter when you join. Good luck!