Instant Win Giveaway List & Sweepstakes

Full List of Instant Win Giveaways

Instant Win Giveaway List & Sweepstakes

Instant Win Giveaway List

If you love instant win giveaways, this is the list for you! Here is a list of sweepstakes.  Instant win gveaways are great because there is no waiting to find out if you are a prize winner. As soon as you enter, you will find out directly on the screen, if you are a winner or a loser. The best part is, even if you lost today, you are still entered towards the big sweepstakes prize they give out when the giveaway ends.

How to enter Instant Win Games:

Scroll the list below, if you want to enter a giveaway click the title. After you click the title the full giveaway will load on your screen. You will be provided with the sweepstakes terms and conditions. I highly suggest you make sure are eligible to win the prize, you can do this by checking out all of the information I provide at the top of the post. It will tell you what countries, states and it will even tell you how old you have to be to enter. Once you determine you REALLY want to enter, scroll down to the bottom of the post (right before the comments) and click the enter here button.

How to Win Instant Win Games:

Winning can be a challenge, if everyone could win every time, we would have a heck of a lot of winners. So the first rule of thumb is to remember this is mostly about luck. Think about the lottery. It’s the same logic, except there are some things you can do to help push the odds in your favor:

  1. Make sure you are entering daily

  2. Double check, are there extra or bonus entries? Make sure you get all your entries in.

  3. Watch, watch, watch – when are other people winning? If you notice a lot of people win a specific instant win game at 1pm, you should enter at 1pm. For this method of watching and following a time pattern, we all have to pitch in and let each other know WHEN and WHAT TIME we win. You can do that by posting to my Facebook page.

  4.  Try different times. If you enter every day at 2pm and never win, try entering at a different time.

  5. Read the terms and conditions. Find out how many prizes there are. The more prizes, the better your chance at winning.

Once you are on a post scroll all the way down to the reddish highlighted link with the sweepstakes name or scroll down even more and click the big red button that says View this sweepstakes, give the page a second to load, you will now be taken to the offer. Follow the instructions on their page, it’s typically as easy as completing an entry form.