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Money For Christmas

WANT SOME MONEY TO SPEND ON XMAS GIFTS (or whatever you want)?

I’ve been really worried about how much everything costs lately. It seems like we are paying more and more and more yet we are not making more money. You guys know me, I like to do surveys for extra money but lately they have been crap!!  I never qualify. I stopped posting about them because I wasn’t earning much taking surveys and I don’t think it was worth the time. Although, I am keeping my eye on the survey companies and checking back weekly to see if they get their act together. DO NOT WORRY!

I put together a list of ways you can earn money and it will only take you about 20 minutes to complete the list. Examples would be; one company gives you $5 to check your credit score. Another company gives you $5 for downloading an app. I’ve even got a survey company in there but it’s not just any survey company.. it’s Facebook! I got a survey about 5 minutes after signing up. It paid me $5 via PayPal. They showed me pictures of products, like a backpack and two items that “look like” that product and they asked me to pick which one looks more like the product. I think I had to do that around 30 times but it was so easy and truly took me around 2 minutes.

There are also a few offers for free stock shares which could be worth up to $300. They do not require you to make a deposit but you do have to give your birthday and social and stuff like that because the law requires you to have a social security number in order to trade stocks and even if you don’t actually trade the stocks and your just getting your free gift, it’s still a stock and it was transferred into your account.

Either way, I really hope these offers help you. We can all use a Christmas Miracle this year.

  1. Free $5 (or more) for checking credit score * gift cards are sent out every Tuesday to registered emails for successful registrations the week before (Monday – Sunday). To qualify for the gift card, you have to be a new user and successfully enroll, verify your identity, and see your credit score for the first time to be eligible.  You can also get $5 for every friend that you refer.
  2. Download this app and get $7 plus cash back on every gas purchase
  3. Free $5 for downloading an app
  4. Free Share of Stock up to $70
  5. Free Share of Stock worth up to $300
  6. Free $10 right now plus an extra gift worth up to $300
  7. New Survey Site from Rakuten (EASY TO EARN! You’re invited to join Rakuten Insights, and get paid in PayPal or Amazon gift cards to take surveys online. Backed by the largest cashback shopping site in the world, Rakuten Insights give you a chance to voice your opinion to premier brands.)
  8. Free $5 off $5 Purchase (buy a Christmas stocking, Christmas plant or whatever you want)
  9. Facebook Viewpoints (you don’t get anything for signing up but you can earn money fast taking surveys through Facebook. Every 1,000 points is worth $5 and they only send you a survey you can complete. I got my first survey within 5 minutes of signing up and earned $5 within 2 minutes)
  10. Free Money for reviewing books online
  11. Sign up for Rakuten it’s a cash back site. You’ll get a gift card once you buy something online for $25 or more BUT BUT BUT they also have cash back offers for cashback without buying anything!