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Welcome to the Freebie Mom Sweepstakes Portal!

Go ahead and log in or sign up for a new account. If you are new here, there is some information below to help you get started. The Sweepstakes Portal offers many different options to help you win! We keep track of what you enter and when you enter it. You can block certain giveaways from appearing on your sweepstakes portal by marking them not interested.

You can also save giveaways by clicking on the save button. These will show up in your saved list under my sweepstakes. The best part of the sweepstakes portal is the filter section! I go over the filters in more detail below and I also provide you with different links to the BEST PARTS of the Freebie Mom site. If you have questions about how the sweepstakes portal works please, let us know on Facebook. Good luck and happy winning.


   LIKING, SHARING, COMMENTING, TWEETING etc.. each time you interact with the page is 1 entry to win a free gift card. Gift Card winners are picked every morning at 9am and every night at 9pm! You can find the full list of winners here



The Sweepstakes Portal will help you win! After you sign up, you can start using the filter option on the Sweepstakes portal:

You have many different filter options to pick from, you can use multiple options at the same time:


You can pick a specific prize like gift cards:  


You can pick specific prize values:

The options are endless! You can even save specific sweepstakes you want to enter every day. Let’s say you find something with a daily entry you really want to win, click SAVE SWEEPSTAKES .. you can even set up reminders. If you are not interested in a sweepstakes you can mark NOT INTERESTED. Or maybe it’s just a one time entry and you already entered, you can use the not interested to remove it from your portal.

Go to the MY SWEEPSTAKES section to see all of the sweepstakes you entered or marked as saved.

After you click the enter button on a Sweepstakes you will see a pop up asking if you entered. If you did enter, mark yes — this will add the sweepstakes to you entered section:

For each sweepstakes you view and enter you will receive points. The points are from me and can be used to spin the Freebie Mom Wheel!




After you sign up for your free account there are a few important places you should check out: