14 Easy Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Save Money on Groceries


How to Save Money on Groceries

Here are 14 easy ways to save money on groceries every month. If you follow these tips you should be able to save money and stay on budget every month.

My favorite is number three.


1. Give Yourself a Budget

The most important thing you can do is give yourself a budget. Go over your finances and decide how much you can spend every week (or month) on groceries.

A lot of people come to a monthly budget and spend all of their budget the first 2 weeks of the month so they are left eating ramen noodles fr the rest of the month. I find that weekly budgets are best.

If you can only spend $70 a week, stick to that budget. Don’t let the items in your cart cost more, if they do, pick some items to put back instead of buying them.


2. Make a Grocery List

This might sound silly but a lot of people do not make grocery lists. They just go into the grocery store and buy whatever looks good. If you make a grocery list you will buy what you need and most importantly, you won’t buy items you don’t need.


3. Coupons 

Print coupons or check your newspaper for coupons. You can incorporate these into your grocery list planning. You can print coupons from my site. This is a great way to save money on groceries.


4. Shop at Multiple Stores

We use to make fun of my grandpa for going to multiple grocery stores but I think he was on to something! You will be able to find cheaper prices for certain items are different stores.

One store might have cheap produce while the other store may have a great deal on meats and poultry.

Watch the sales and use your coupons!


5. Get Generic Store Brands

Generic store brands are normally just as good as the brand name stuff. The only major difference is the price.


6. Bagged Produce

Bagged products are usually less expensive then loose items.


7. Do Not Buy Pre-Cut Food

Pre-cut food comes at a huge premium. I know it’s easier when you don’t have to cut but it’s not worth the money you are spending. Skip the pre-cut food and cut it at home. You will save a lot of money.


8. Don’t Buy Items at the Checkout Counters

Checkout counters are notorious for over charging. You can get a candy bar for over $1.00 but if you would of just went to the candy isle you could of purchase a whole package of candy bars for $2.00. The same goes for the soft drinks they sell at the register.


9. Price Match

Price check and price match items. If it’s only $1 at store A and  store B price matches, ask them to price match store A.


10. Ask for Discount

In the bakery and meat sections there are items expiring tomorrow. Be sure to asked for a price reduction. They might say no but it never hurts to ask.


11. Don’t Get Pre-Washed Salads

You’re better off buying the vegetables for your salad individually.


12. Return Food

If you ever realize that food  is expired or dented or bruised when you get home you can all the grocery store and let them know. Sometimes they will give you a free gift card.

You can also go back to the store and return it.


13. Check Your Receipt

Its important to always look at your receipt to make sure you are not being charge twice for products.


14. Write to Companies and Ask for Coupons

Email your favorite companies and ask for free coupons and free products!


Now that you read through the full list, tell us which is your favorite or if you have a suggest or tip I should add to the list!