Stride Rite Stores Closing 2018

Stride Rite Stores Closing 2018:


Stride Rite Stores Closing 2018:

Next time you head to your favorite Stride Rite, it may not be there. That’s right, consumers are reporting that Stride Rite is closing locations through out the Country. There has been no official announcement from Stride Rite. They just close down the local store and that’s that. It appears like more department locations such as Dillard’s, Nordstrom and Kohl’s are carrying the Stride Rite brand so they are directing customers to visit those locations.

The Stride Rite Facebook page has tons of complaints from loyal parents, that had no clue the local store was closing. It’s a mess! I highly suggest you keep an eye on our local Stride Rite because if you store is closing, there will not be an announcement. I would check weekly since they are offering up to 90% off shoes but keep in mind ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

How to find out if your Stride Rite is closing: 

  • Head to your local store and ask the people that work there. 
  • Call corporate: 1-800-650-7708
  • Check for signs and/or newspaper articles
  • Look on social media.


Stride Rite is owned by Wolverine World Wide, which also owns Payless Shoe Store, it seems like the brand is focusing on online sales.

If your local Stride Rite has closed down please comment below with the location. We are trying to come up with a list so that we can help parents and caregivers determine if their location is still open.