The Burger Bonanza Instant Win Game

The Burger Bonanza Instant Win GameEnds:  July 4, 2017 on or about 11:59pm (PT)

Limit: One entry per person per day.

Eligibility: Fifty (50) United States (except FL, NY and RI) and the District of Columbia who are at least 18 years old at time of participation.

Prize: Instant Win Prizes: (awarded as a digital coupon – in the size/portion as stated on the coupon – loaded to winners’ Shopper’s Cards):

ManufacturerNumber of PrizesOfferARVTotal Value
B&G Foods3,050FREE Weber BBQ Sauce or Seasoning, any size or variety.$3.29$10,034.50
Bai3,050FREE Bai (18 oz.) or Bai Bubbles (11.5 oz.)$1.67$5,093.50
Body Armor3,050FREE BODYARMOR Sports Drinks, all varieties including LYTE (16 oz.). Excludes (28 oz.)$1.49$4,544.50
Chobani3,050FREE Drink Chobani™ Yogurt Beverage, any variety, (10 oz.)$1.99$6,069.50
Clorox3,050FREE Kingsford Match Light Easy Light Charcoal Briquet (2.8 lb. Bag)$4.39$13,389.50
Coke (Powerade)3,050FREE Powerade® (32 oz.)$0.89$2,714.50
Coke (Smartwater)3,050FREE Smartwater® (1L)$1.99$6,069.50
Conagra3,050FREE Reddi-wip® (6.5 oz.).$2.79$8,509.50
Fiji Water3,050FREE FIJI Water (500 mL.) Single Bottle$1.59$4,849.50
Hershey’s3,050FREE Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar (1.55 oz.)$1.29$3,934.50
Johnsonville3,050FREE Johnsonville Smoked Dinner Links$3.49$10,644.50
Kelloggs3,050FREE MorningStar Farms® OR Gardenburger® Veggie Food Product (5.25 oz. or Larger, Any Flavor)$3.99$12,169.50
Kraft3,050FREE HEINZ BBQ Sauce, any size$1.99$6,069.50
McCormick3,050FREE McCormick Grill Mates Bottle Blend Seasoning, (2.5 – 3.5 oz.)$1.99$6,069.50
McCormick3,050FREE Stubb’s BBQ Sauce, (18 oz.) or Stubb’s Marinades (12oz.)$2.99$9,119.50
Nestle3,050FREE Hostess® Frozen Dairy Dessert (5 pk.) and NESTLE® Frozen Treats (5-12 ct.)$3.99$12,169.50
Nestle-Nestea3,050FREE Nestea item (18.5 oz. or 23 oz.)$1.19$3,629.50
Pepperidge Farms3,050FREE Pepperidge Farm® COOKIES® (4.75 oz.-8.6 oz.)$3.49$10,644.50
PepsiCo3,050FREE Propel (24 oz.)$1.00$3,050.00
PepsiCo3,050FREE G-Organic (16.9 oz.)$1.69$5,154.50
PepsiCo – Doritos3,100FREE SIMPLY Organic DORITOS®
White Cheddar (7.5 oz.)
PepsiCo – Izze Drinks3,100FREE Izze (12 oz.) any flavor$1.29$3,999.00
PepsiCo Lipton3,100FREE Lipton Pure Leaf (18.5 oz.) any flavor$1.59$4,929.00
PepsiCo Mt. Dew3,050FREE Mountain Dew, DEW-S-A Flavor (20 oz.)$1.89$5,764.50
PepsiCo Pepsi Fire3,050FREE Pepsi, Pepsi Fire Flavor (20 oz.)$1.89$5,764.50
Pinnacle Foods3,050FREE Vlasic Purely Spear (24 oz.)$3.99$12,169.50
Pinnacle Foods3,050FREE Wish-Bone Italian Salad Dressing (15 oz.)$2.99$9,119.50
Snapple3,000FREE Snapple® Straight Up Tea (18.5 oz. bottles)$1.00$3,000.00
Tropicana3,050FREE Tropicana Premium Drinks, any flavor (59 oz.)$2.00$6,100.00
Tropicana3,050FREE Lipton Chilled Pure Leaf, any flavor (59 oz.)$2.00$6,100.00
Tyson3,050FREE Ball Park® Franks Product When you buy any ONE (1) Ball Park® Franks product**Excludes beef$2.99$9,119.50
Tyson3,050FREE Hillshire Farm® Smoked Sausage product$3.99$12,169.50
Tyson3,050FREE Tyson® Individually Frozen Chicken**Excludes wings$8.00$24,400.00
Unilever3,050FREE Hellmann’s® or Best Foods® Squeeze Mayonnaise (5.5 oz.)$1.97$6,008.50
Unilever3,050FREE I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter® Spray$2.99$9,119.50
Vita Coco3,050FREE Vita Coco (500 ml.)$2.00$6,100.00
Whitewave3,050FREE SToK Cold Brew Coffee (48 oz.)$3.99$12,169.50
Wrigley3,050FREE Skittles® single serve package (1.8 oz. – 2.17 oz.)$1.00$3,050.00
Yucatan3,050FREE Yucatan Single Serve Guacamole (6 ct.), Yucatan Mild (16 oz.), OR Authentic Guacamole (16 oz.)$5.99$18,269.50
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